VIDEO – The evolutionary effect of the propeller is the trick of perfect maneuvers

The evolutionary effect of the propeller is the trick in the perfect brimless maneuvers performed by all skippers who “know” the boat. We have already explained what the evolutionary effect is and how to tell whether our propeller is right-handed or left-handed. In the eighth video-episode of SAILING SCHOOL we see in practice how we can exploit this effect to maneuver in narrow waters by going so far as to rotate the boat even 180 degrees with almost no draft.

Propeller: the evolutionary effect is the secret of perfect maneuvers

Turning your boat 180 degrees in confined spaces such as a harbor channel is a maneuver that becomes child’s play if you take advantage of the evolutionary effect of the propeller combined with the rudder blade.
Especially boats with an inline engine and a propeller close to the blade, the ‘effect of the stern “walking” sideways when the boat is at low speed and the propeller is rotating, said propeller evolution effect is very pronounced. We can use this to our advantage. The video extensively illustrates how to play with rudder blade, forward and backward gearing to turn the sailboat, practically on its own axis.
propeller effect

In the images, the evolutionary effects of a left-handed thruster are shown on the left, and a right-handed model on the right.
The former provides greater ease for the hull to pull to port, the latter to starboard.


Eighth video episode of SAIL School

Below is today’s video on how to take advantage of the evolutionary effect of the propeller. All previous video episodes of SAIL School, are available on the SAIL Journal youtube channel there are both beginner and expert ones!




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