The boat becomes a one-off: the new ICE 80 (24m) Felci Yacht Design

Ice 80 Felci Yacht Design
ICE 80 Felci Yacht Design

All boats tend more and more to resemble each other. But fortunately there is still something new to be said in the small superyacht segment, the 80-foot size. Felci Yacht Design has succeeded, which, from the height of its 30 years of experience and a thousand boats launched, has just designed the new ICE 80 (m. 24.00 x 6.20) .

ICE 80 Felci Yacht Design

“Fuoriserie” the Italian designers call this project, echoing the world of cars where “fuoriserie” are those special versions, produced in a small number, destined to become cult objects.

ICE 80 Felci Yacht Design

Apt appellation for the new ICE 80, which has all the characteristics to become precisely a cult object.

Because, for one thing, it does not resemble any of the small superyachts of this size offered by competing shipyards. Uniqueness matters in such a valuable object.

Second, because it has a design that immediately attracts at first glance. Beautiful, harmonious. Aggressive enough not to intimidate. As elegant as a couture dress. Rational, practical and simple thanks to the latest technology.

ICE 80 Felci Yacht Design – Why it’s an “outlier”

The ICE 80 is the largest model ever produced by the “premium” Italian shipyard, which has the partcolarity of being a mix between a RS boat, sporty and high-performance, and a blue water cruiser, to sail for a long time with other comfort and safety.

Aesthetically, one of the unique elements is the “reverse shareline.” It can be seen immediately when looking at the side profile of the hull, it is at the bow that unusual recessed curve of the hull, near the junction of hull and deck.

This feature, used until now only on very high performance racing boats, makes the ICE 80 designed by Felci more slender and harmonious than what has been seen until now in this 80-foot size.

ICE 80 Felci Yacht Design

Aesthetic uniqueness is also represented by the deckhouse, as sleek as ever and with a unique glazing that makes the design of the new ICE 80 even more streamlined and proportionate.

The aesthetic result achieved by Felci Yacht Design is that perfect mix of emotional attraction to an object.

And a further leap forward from thelast highly successful boat of the Felci/Ice duo, the 70.

ICE 80 Felci Yacht Design – Technology and Design

But the ICE 80 is not only beautiful and eye-catching. It is also packed with high technology that allows a 24-meter boat to be maneuvered with great ease without sacrificing the high performance of a “race” boat.

The numerically controlled retractable keel transfers the power of the sail plan to an all-carbon fabrication.

ICE 80 Felci Yacht Design

The steering system uses innovative materials and technologies, allowing total control and maximum pleasure at the helm.

The stability of the shapes allows pleasant sailingeven when the wind rises.

ICE 80 – Interior

The search for natural light is a feature of the ICE 80’s interior.

Starting from the bow, the layout includes a master cabin, which offers a king-size “island” bed, as in the “suite” of a seaside villa.

Guest cabins offer privacy and comfort, each equipped with customizable air conditioning, separate bath and shower, wi-fi system, and folding Tv screens.

The contemporary yet unfashionable look of its interiors, its light, natural materials, and brightness all characterize the details at which a craft/high tech shipyard like ICE Yachts excels.

The other rooms, kitchen area and captain’s cabin, the engine room, are designed for maximum efficiency and functionality.

ICE 80 Ferns Yacht Design – Exterior

A mix of refined aesthetics, maximum efficiency and ergonomics. From the cockpit benches, edged in solid teak, to the bollards built into the gunwale; from the light sockets on the deck, to the cockpit table “carved” out of carbon, it’s all part of a job that respects the canons of what a boat is used for, sailing and being comfortable.

ICE 80 – Security, technology and facilities

Let’s start with an innovative element: the new steering columns, whose design certainly does not go unnoticed that allow for complete management of the boat.

Durante la navigazione ogni sistema di sicurezza e di gestione può essere attivato e controllato stando “alla barra” e mantenendo sempre il controllo, anche nelle condizioni più impegnative.

Elica di prua e di poppa, gestite in maniera coordinata, permettono di ormeggiare con facilità in ogni situazione.

ICE 80 – Sail and deck plan

The rollable mainsail system in the boom, furling headsails and self-tacking genoa rail allow easy handling, once unthinkable for a yacht of this size.

Deck plan maneuvers ensure intuitive and easy handling of the ICE 80, whether in an offshore race or on leisurely cruises.

Felci Yacht Design’s decades of design and sailing experience can be seen here as well.

ICE 80 Felci Yacht Design – Data Sheet

Length overall (LOA): 24.00 m
Maximum width (B. max): 6.20 m
Displacement (DSPL): 35 tons
Sail area (Sail area): 330 square meters
Project: Felci Yacht Design
Shipyard: ICE Yachts



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