The new Grand Soleil 65 (21.60 m): the perfect Italian mix of elegance and speed

Cantieri del Pardo presented at Boot Düsseldorf the new Grand Soleil 65, the latest addition to the fleet. Two versions are available: Performance for those who want a true sporty design and Long Cruise for lovers of the blue water world. The first model of the Grand Soleil 65, a Long Cruise version, will make its world premiere at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2023.

The new Grand Soleil 65
The new Grand Soleil 65

Grand Soleil 65: a green boat

Designed to respect the marine environment in which it will sail, the materials and construction methods used ensure a low environmental impact and a high degree of recyclability. Teak, for example, comes from a sustainable supply chain, glass is laminated for better insulation, composite lamination uses environmentally friendly flax and resins, paints are water-based, while solar panels provide renewable green energy.

Same concept as 72 in small

The naval architecture of the Grand Soleil 65, designed by Matteo Polli, aims to achieve the same goals as the Grand Soleil 72, declined on a smaller scale. “Theshape of the hull, maintains the pronounced V at the bow and the same reduced wetted surface area as the Grand Soleil 72 to ensure less drag, greater dynamic stability when the boat is heeling and better performance in light winds,” Polli explains. “However, the overall geometry has been totally revised to ensure balanced weight distribution regardless of the different internal layouts. The hull is designed to give great performance in all displacement conditions, whether the boat is lightened for racing or is fully loaded when cruising“.

Also designed for the couple

The new GS 65 comes standard with a self-tacking jib that ensures easy and safe sailing, even with small crews. In fact, this model can be carried by a couple without the need for additional crew members. For appendages, the shipyard chose a single rudder blade and an inverted T-keel. The single rudder offers the best trade-off between maneuverability and performance in a wide range of conditions, including during powered sailing, while the inverted T-keel ensures perfect stability and hydrodynamic efficiency with limited weight. The Grand Soleil 65 provides several draft options: standard (3.5 m), reduced (3 m) and telescopic.

The profile of the Long Cruise
The profile of the Long Cruise

The Grand Soleil 65 Long Cruise

The Grand Soleil 65LC version, compared to the Performance version, differs in its distinctly cruising characteristics while maintaining a fast hull optimized for high performance. “
The deck design of the 65LC has no unevenness, ensuring safety and agility on board, both while sailing and at anchor
“, Massimo Gino of Nauta Design tells.In navigation, safety is ensured by paramare of correct height, while the pronounced deckhouse gives balance and makes the boat’s profile streamlined. The family feeling, typical of the Grand Soleil range, is easily recognizable in the deckhouse that seems to float suspended above the teak guardrails that shelter the maneuvering cockpit“.

The interior of the Long Cruise

Below deck, the Grand Soleil 65LC differs slightly from the Performance version. The salon, located elevated above the cabins to leave room for the engine room, houses a relaxation room and dining area. This solution allows more space in the two aft cabins, larger due to the absence of the technical compartment usually located between them. This layout also provides other advantages: the salon closer to the cockpit level allows for a smaller scale. Finally, taking full advantage of the maximum beam, this arrangement gives a 270-degree view of the outdoors. The Grand Soleil 65LC includes the galley amidships, thus creating one large open space joined to the living area.

The interior of the new Grand Soleil 65 Long Cruise
The interior of the new Grand Soleil 65 Long Cruise

Grand Soleil 65 Performance

In contrast, the Performance version, characterized by its streamlined deckhouse and sportier design, features a side galley moved aft so as to optimize the space of the dining and lounging areas. The engine room, on the other hand, respects the traditional positioning behind the engines.

In the Performance version, the hall is on one level because the engine room is located behind the engines
In the Performance version, the hall is on one level because the engine room is located behind the engines

Grand Soleil 65 – Data Sheet

Overall length 21.60 m
Length at waterline 18.20 m
Hull length 20.10 m
Maximum width 5.9 m
Standard draft 3.50 m
Standard displacement 26,000 kg (Perfomance) / 26,500 kg (Long Cruise)
110 hp engine
Fuel tank 900 liters
Water tank 900 liters
Matteo Polli/Cantiere del Pardo Project.
Designer Nauta Design
Naval architecture Matteo Polli

From our correspondent at Boot Düsseldorf Giacomo Barbaro



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